Monday, December 20, 2010

A necklace I drew

With watercolour pencils, by the way.
(It looked better before the scanner killed it, just saying...)

Which was inspired by this dress:

(Harper's Bazaar UK, December 2010: "Velvet Goldmine").
(Sorry if the photo is bad quality, my scanner isn't that great...)

What do you guys think? I've never drawn jewelry before and, since I got my wisdom teeth out Friday, I was slightly exhausted and drugged up yesterday while drawing, but I kind of like it! In case you, like my mother, don't get what the necklace is, it's basically little blue discs, sewn/threaded through on kind of on top of the other, and they're a mixture of navy and light blue. Like the details on the dress that kind of look like petals.

Makes sense?
Any and all opinions and constructive criticism are welcome.
Have a nice week!

ps: Outfit post coming up, yay! (If only I could get the timer on my camera to work... or if only I could convince my younger sister to take the photos...hmm.)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Oscar de la Renta, pre-fall 2011

So, lately, I just can't seem to find any inspiration to draw from! (in order to draw, haha!) I've been going over a few of my older dress designs, seeing what can be improved and fixing a few things here and there, stuff like that, which is better than nothing, I guess...
So, I figured, while I try and get my inspirations back and while I'm still recovering from getting my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday (not too bad, actually...), look at my favourite collection from the pre-fall 2011 collections that just came out:
OSCAR DE LA RENTA, PRE-FALL 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It might just beat out one of my other favourite collections over the past 2 years or so, which is the Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2011 collection.

A few of my favourite looks: (Thanks to for the pictures).

Sorry guys, but this has to be said:
Dear Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel,
This is how you do elegant but good-for-everday tweed. Not like that terrible collection you did last year with the bell bottom tweet pants with the random fur extentions at the bottom and the tweet jackets with random fringes coming out between the buttons which might've been in style in Siberia for drugged up teenagers in the 70's.
Thanks for your latest Byzantium Empire-inspired collection, though!,


Oscar de la Renta - pre-fall 2011

Saturday, December 11, 2010


I instinctly wear a lot of black during the winter, which looks good, but I'm craving lots and lots and lots of colour so much right now! At least I'm going to Florida in January, or else by the end of winter I'll be colour starved.



On top of that, how pretty is the artwork in the background?

...and the landscape...

...and the rings, and the jewelry, and the landscape, etc, etc, etc...
(Harper's Bazaar Indonesia, November 2010: "7 Days in Tibet".)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fashion inspiration (or, well, situation) of the day

(Click on the thumbnails because the pictures are too big and I unfortunately don't have time to resize both right now...)

What I'd like to be doing (ignoring the fact that she's in Paris, no big deal):

(From the May 2010 issue of Elle China)

What I am doing, but in shlumpy clothes, not pretty lingerie:

(From the October 2010 Vogue Italia Beauty issue)

I can't wait until exams are over!

Hello world, here I am!


This, ladies and gentlemen, is my SOULFUL picture. I'M WORKING IT. *Tyra Banks voice*.
Anyways, hi there everybody! I'm Laura, I'm a college student in this amazing program that is too complicated to explain at 2am, called Reflections (you can ask me about it if you want, though!), I'm hoping to go into either art history, fashion design or translation in and/or after university, and I love mango, pizza, chocolate, blackberries and cherry chocolate blackjack ice cream from Chapman's.

I want to travel all the over the world. Literally. I used to want to travel to every. single. country. in the world. I still do, but I know now there are certain limitations to that. For example, being a (Jewish) woman and going to Iran. It would give me an insane amount of fulfillement because I'm very, very interested in women's rights in Iran and the Middle East, particularly Iran, but I have to admit the idea of possibly going to Elvin thank you. No worries though, I've got enough out of the 194-195(?) countries in the world to last me a lifetime! (Sorry, was I getting too political there? Oops, but not really.)

My favourite designers (so far) are Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Proenza Schouler, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood, the really funny Isabel Marant (please tell me I'm not the only one who speaks French and understood that joke), and I've really started to like Zac Posen! Oh, and I love Givenchy. I mean, c'mon, he worked with Audrey Hepburn. He has to be on the list.
I also love Sex and the City, and America's Next Top Model is my ultimate guilty pleasure.

Indecisive? Noooo, what are you taking about?

Well, actually, I'm hoping this blog will help clear indecisiveness everywhere and in myself concerning minor things, such as "hmm, what about this bracelet" to more major things, such as "seriously, what are the rules of dating nowadays? Are there even any "rules" to follow for us little innocent and naive girls?" to the ultimate major issues, such as "how do we help world poverty?" (Which isn't actually the hardest one to answer, even if it is tough. Just saying.)
Basically, you could call this blog my musings.

I hope I'm not too nonsensical or ridiculous for all of you!
infinite x's and o's,