Sunday, August 28, 2011

First Day of School!

The first day of my last semester in college - YAY! I'm posting this after my first 2 days of school for the year, and it hasn't been so bad! I'm a bit worried about 2 of my classes which involve some math (I suck majorly at math), but other than the big workload, this semester shouldn't be terrible - mostly essay writing, which I'm used to.



I feel pretty, oh so pretty! ;)


How beautiful is this bag? It's also really comfy because the strap is wider than most of my other purses.


How cool is this picture?! I decided to fog up the lens ;).


If you're still in school, are you excited to start? Get back into the routine, all of that? Or are you seriously moaning about the fact that summer is ending?

Jeans: Urban Planet, the London fit.
Top (which is new and v. cute!): The Garage.
Shoes: Globo? Or DSW? I don't remember, I bought them ages ago...
Earrings: From my Bubby, bought in Mexico a few years ago.
Bag: Zellers

ps: coming up: gratitude, aaaaaaaaaand...*drumroll* THE LION KING ON BROADWAY, WHOOT! :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Liking Today

So, I was going to make an outfit post for my first day of school, but then it rained so I couldn't take outfit photos! I'll try again when it's sunny again, because the top I was wearing was too cute to not snap a photo of! (My new red converse were also super cute and comfy for school!)
In the meantime: here, have the 2nd edition of what I'm liking today! Unlike last time, I'm starting with music.
Why, you may ask?
BECAUSE FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE CAME OUT WITH A NEW SINGLE! I literally jumped for joy when I got the e-mail newsletter about it yesterday! After listening to it some 30 or 40 times, I think I've decided that it might be my favourite Florence song, I love the lyrics!
Florence and the Machine fans - what do you think of this song compared to her other songs? Are you excited for her new album?
New Florence and the Machine fans (because it's practically impossible to not be a fan after hearing this song, at least in my opinion) - are you all thinking: "Florence Welch, where have you been all my life?!"
There's been a Florence & the Machine post in the works for some time now - hopefully I'll be happy with it soon enough! :)

My word of the day: Education.
Definition: the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. (Courtesy of
(Photo courtesy of Weheartit).

There's definitely a difference between education and school. School is generally thought of as a place that causes stress, inter-student bullying, harsh memories of being chubby and having braces and not getting good marks or working your ass off on an essay for way too many hours to count and then getting a good mark but needing to sleep for 50 consecutive hours afterwards (that's me). Sure, the 2nd option is better than the 1st because of the good-marks-outcome, but it doesn't leave you any less burnt out or bitter and uncreative, especially when you're studying a subject that you don't like.
So, although school has never been a favourite of mine, I love getting an education. I love learning, being curious, discovering, discussing, gosh, I've even liked writing an essay or 2 over the past year now that I'm in a really interesting and thought-provoking program at school!
For the start of my school year, I want to give a toast to education - I may be idealistic because it's only my first day, but I'm hoping that I'll learn a lot over the course of the year.

How adorable is this outfit?! I want to be the woman in this picture wearing pretty clothes and reading an old-looking book on the Seine :).
(Photo courtesy of Pinterest).

This is such a sassy outfit! I love the yellow and purple together (they are complementary colours on the colour wheel, after all), and the train is fun and more unique because it's to the side, not the back. I've always love Emmanuelle Chriqui's style, and this is no exception! (Apparently her grandparents know my grandparents - how cool is that?!)
(Photo courtesy of The Vogue Diaries).

What's making you happy today?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The joy of red converse


So, where have I been for the past 2 or so months? Working my butt off at a kid's day camp, actually. Not my dream job, but it's a means to an end! (The means being money and a reference letter, which goes towards travel and my dream job {so far} as a museum curator, respectively.)
You're probably thinking - "but, Laura! Day camp ends at 4, or 5:30 if you're doing late pick-up!" To that, I would say that I had a bad cold for 3 weeks, and, more importantly, no inspiration whatsoever. Every single workday for the past 8 weeks has been a day for uniforms - aka a neon green, unflattering, and boxy t-shirt. The only creativity I had was deciding which earrings to wear. I didn't even have much of a choice in terms of shoes since I chose to be comfortable in running shoes, though I have to admit the bits of hot pink and neon green on those running shoes are pretty awesome.
I've missed blogging, though, and my new red converse seem to have inspired me! So, hello everyone, yours truly is back in town!
The theme of this blog post is red, black and white. Check out those red earrings, aren't they awesome?!

Here's my question, particularly for those of you who have strict uniforms: do you ever feel that having that uniform drains your creativity, or does it fuel it because it's a challenge to work around that uniform?