Monday, April 2, 2012

Outfit post: Bow tie tops and black booties

Hey there lovelies!
So, as you can see, these are my first outfit photos in a while! Oh, I've been trying all winter, and when I was in Florida, just wasn't working! No photos ended up good in Florida, and it was always too dark and cold to take outfit photos the rest of the winter! I do live in Canada, y'know.
2 weeks ago, the sun randomly came out for a few days and I was able to wear t-shirts, shorts, and sunglasses to school! *gasp* Shorts in March? Here? Crazy, I know, it's all anyone was talking about.
And then it got cold again. I got these photos JUST in time.

But seriously, though - why didn't my makeup - my red lipstick, in particular - not come out at all? So weird!

Sun flares! In winter!!!!!!!!


More sun flares! I love sun flares :).


Oh hey there ;).


When I saw this picture, I thought of Run the World (Girls) by Beyonce - from the attitude and stance!


LOOK AT THE BOOTIES. If you follow me on facebook, instagram, or twitter, you've probably already heard all about them ;). How adorable are they?! I have another pair in leopard print, too.

Bow tie top - Forever 21, recent purchase
Black lace tank top underneath - Kohl's
Black braided belt - H&M
Jean shorts - Winners
Booties - Yellow, recent purchase

Hopefully it'll be nice enough to take outfit photos soon!
For all you fashion bloggers out there, or anyone who has taken photos of their outfits before - are you surprised at how much your dramatic makeup feature just doesn't pop up in pictures?
Did you all have a nice heat wave? ;)


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