Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer inspiration on Pinterest and Fashion Steals!

Hello darlings! Guess what...

SUMMER'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Officially, since Wednesday!

In honour of the Summer Solstice, here is a post about what you can do to make your summer a little better - and cooler - with ideas courtesy of Pinterest! Look underneath the fashion inspiration for cheaper ideas on how to get the look!

Why don't you...

Wear a chambray dress? It has the same allure as jeans, but you can actually wear it during the summer without dying of heat! Did I mention it looks amazing, especially in shirt-dress form? Win-win, I say!

A steal for a chambray shirt dress: Forever 21 Classic Chambray Dress, Forever 21 Collared Denim Dress with Belt (pretty similar!)

Make sure to protect yourself from the sun - and keep cool - by wearing an overly large (did I mention cute?) sunhat with a billowy light and white dress, which will let air pass through, which won't attract as much sun as wearing black, and looks adorable? Don't forget sunscreen!

A save on a large, striped, floppy hat: The Bay - ECHO 2 Colour Cross Floppy Hat  (seriously, I cannot describe how gorgeous and comfortable this hat is. I've been trying to dissuade myself from buying it for a month now! The pink/orange one is a personal favourite, the blue/green one is gorgeous, and the black/white one is classy!)

Flowy (mostly) White Dresses you can get at Forever 21: Vibrant Feather Dress with Belt, Crochet Lace Dress, Kaleidoscope Print Maxi Dress, Collared Polka Dot Dress with Belt, Layered Trapeze Dress, Flounced Abstract Maxi Dress,

Ride trains and people watch...all while looking stylish, cool, and being able to take the occasional catnap!

Steal on a striped red and white top: Forever 21 Striped Crop Tee
Steal on a fedora hat: Forever 21 Straw Fedora (the men's fedoras are always the best ;). )

Eat outside and enjoy the weather! A set-up like this is even perfect for the person with an apartment and no grand sweeping garden - buy cute, small chairs, a small table, and hang plants and flowers from the top of the balcony! Or, even better, buy certain plants which are able to wrap themselves around railings - like vines - and put them outside on a little piece of layered wood pieces, or a railing in your backyard! I recommend morning glory!

Why don't you make mint blueberry lemon water? Staying hydrated during the summer is so incredibly important, but I know that some people just don't like the taste of water. Well, here's a pretty tasty alternative!

Why don't you start jogging? I swear, Runner's High is not a myth. Just make sure to do it in the morning or evening so that it's not too hot out! For those of you who are just starting out - or anyone who wants to double check that they've been doing it correctly - here's a handy infographic on jogging!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

What's inspiring you so far this summer? Bright colours? Travel photos? Music festivals?

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