Monday, November 19, 2012

Music Monday: the songs that make you tear up because of the truth in them.

(Note Bene: Welcome to...MUSIC MONDAY!)

You know that time - that time when you're on the bus, in public, listening to music...and all of a sudden, that song comes on. The song that makes you emotional because, well, it applies to you so much, makes you think about and evaluate your life so much, and the lyrics are just...true. And honest.
Well, this song is one of those for me. I swear, every single time I listen to it, I near burst into tears.

I'm going through a stressful time with school right now - you know those stressful times that border on an existential crisis? They suck, right? Well, this helps me see the bigger picture, I guess. Also, it's a really pretty song and calms me down. It brings me clarity! (Which is the main subtitle/meaning of this blog, if you take a look at the header ;). )

Yael Naim - Far Far

Are there any songs that really make you think about your life and bring you clarity?
Or, what are you listening to lately? Put links in the comments, I'd love to hear about what kind of music you listen to! (Also, I'm always in need of new music.)

Tune in next week for a song that's quite the opposite: a song that makes you bob around, even in public, while you hope no one is watching. Yay for songs that put a swing in your step! :)


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