Wednesday, June 15, 2011

BDIB - Bloggers do it better: Neons & Neutrals!

I'm so happy with how these photos turned out! It proves that, with preparation and good lighting, aka not randomly deciding to late at night in your room, good photos DO happen!
These were taken for the "Neon & Neutral" challenge on Pretty Shiny Sparkly (go congratulate Kristina on her recent engagement!!! :) )
I think this outfit definitely represents a way to do the neon and neutral combination without going overboard with crazy neons everywhere - if you don't want to have too much colour in your outfit, wearing neutral-coloured clothing with a few brightly coloured accessories is a good compromise!

I love the little green effect next to my left cheek - I wish I knew how it got there, haha!
By the way, I'm in love with this scarf - it's fair trade from a store next to my school called "Peruvian Imports", the owner of the store is lovely and speaks Spanish with me, and it was only $10! (I have another one, too - a striped one with the central, most obvious colour being purple - and it's sparkly!)


I love how 70's this picture looks - from the floppy hat to the flowy, almost peasant-y top that ties at the collar - and to the general look of the picture!

Who's theeeeeeeeeeeere? *Scary music in background*. HAHA!

These earrings are the definition of neon!

And these shoes are the defition of neutral!





I love how, depending on what other colours you're wearing, this belt can look pale pink or beige!

What I'm wearing:
Top: bought in Florida with my grandmother last winter, I think from Macy's?
Jean shorts: also bought in Florida with my grandmother last winter, from Macy's.
Scarf: Peruvian Imports
Hat: Ardene (at the same time as my boater hat - it was my lucky hat day!)
Green & gold thick bangle: Salvation Army
Thin gold bangles: H&M, I think 2 winters ago?
Belt: H&M, 2-ish months ago.
Shoes: Target, in Florida last winter.
Green and beige woven clutch: Salvation Army
Neon green swirly earrings: gift from my father.
Bright fuschia lipstick: The Body Shop (LOVE!)

How do you like to wear your brights & neons - as accessories, or all out with your clothing?

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